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Drosera capensis
Drosera capensis  

I have a drosera capensis that was doing really well in my terrarium under Flora Sun lights but just in the past few days the developing leafs turned brown randomly and stopped growing. I checked all over the plant for pests but could not find any. I was hoping you could tell me how to stop this and help,me find out what is wrong.


ANSWER: Hello Jack,
It could be a numerous number of things, what are the conditions? Have they changed? How much watering do you give it? When was the last time it was repotted? Did it recently flower? These questions need to be answered, because there could be an endless amount of reasons why the plant is dieing.

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ithas not been recently potted, flowered and has been sitting in about an inch of water. I got it from sarracenia northwest about two months ago so the conditions have changed. The flora sun bulbs it is under are 15 watt bulbs. But I do not know why these would cause it to stop growing.

ANSWER: Hey Jack,
Flowering causes a huge energy drain on the plant, also just curious what kind of 15 watt bulbs are these under? Was your sundew really dewy prior to the flowering?

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Sorry i was. Unclear, it has not flowered since I had it or came with one. But the leaves it had before the problem occurred have lots of dew and have a bit of color.

Hi Jack,
I really cannot seem to find a solution to your problem, unless the water content is to hard and is causing mineral buildup in the soil, the light not being strong, conditions too hot, or a combination of the things. Although, these plants are really tolerable to a wide set of conditions. I am sorry, I cannot seem to find a solution for you. If the plant is not putting any growth out, it might already be too late for your plant. My suggestion would to be register on the community, I manage. We have alot of CP experts, that might be able to give you a better solution,


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