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Carnivorous Plants/My nepenthes ventrata is taking forever to grow new pitchers.


Nepenthes first pitcher
Nepenthes first pitche  

Sarracenia brown spot
Sarracenia brown spot  
I have a nepenthes ventrata that I grow under artificial light in about 60-70% humidity and it's taking an incredible amount of time to develop new pitchers. Right now, there are two pitchers on the way but they're both so small and it's been about 2 weeks for the first one but it's only about 0.8 cm!
I have no idea what's going on, and I'm a beginner when it comes to carnivorous plants so I can't really tell by myself.

I also have another question, my sarracenia purpurea is starting to develop a little brown, dry spot on the top of one its pitchers. I'm wondering if there's anything that I'm doing wrong and if I can fix that before it ruins the pitcher.
I bought the plant just a few days ago and right now I'm growing it under artificial light since the weather outside is kind of bad at the moment. So I thought that a fluorescent light would be better than nothing.


Hello otto

For your ventrata, i need more info. What is your watering cycle?
What is the soil mix? What kind of lighting do you use? And do you feed the others pitchers?

Sometimes, if the plant is not feeded, or the temps are too cold, the plant can grow VERY slowly and pitchers are tiny.

For your purpurea, how are the new forming pitchers? The new pitchers develop well?

If the new leaves are ok and grow nicely, dont worry too much; the oldest pitchers will dryoff and die when their life cycle are over.

Sometimes, after buying a new plant, some pitchers will dies because of stress.  

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