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QUESTION: I ordered my sarracenia flava about 3 weeks ago I placed it in a Very sunny area and always has enough water but it only came with one leaf and there is still no new growth are they slow growers or am I doing something wrong?

ANSWER: Hello Albert,
When you are referring to "very sunny", how much direct sunlight is the plant getting? Generally, these plants require 5+ hours of direct sunlight, 5 being the min.  Please respond back.

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QUESTION: I'm talking about 8 hours of sun and its a verry dry and hot climate like Phoenix but a little less hot than there. I actually discovered new growth yeaterday but I looked at it today and it's now turning black as If it was dying. I don't know what's wrong.

ANSWER: Hey Albert,
I would almost have to say that it is stressed. When you get a new plant you almost always have to acclimate the plant.  What I would suggest is bringing it in side and using compact florescent lighting. Again, it could also just be way to dry, to grow outside.

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QUESTION: Is there any thing a can do to fix the stress because I don't have any incadesent light

Hey Albert,
The only thing I can think is just to give it as much sun as possible and keep the soil wet. Also, what kind of water are you using? You need to make sure that the parts per million in the water isnt too hard. Alot of mineral buildup in the soil, could be toxic as well.

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