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Carnivorous Plants/Too much sun, Are there two plants in my pot?


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Hello, I'm new at growing plants. This is my first time EVER growing a Nepenthes. The Nepenthes that I own (A week now)is  N. Alata. I bought it from a nursery.I discovered Sarracenia Northwest and the interest arose. Now one week has passed and my plant seems to be growing but I was wondering if I have put the plant in too much sun. I have it growing in a east window. I currently live in Queens, NY. My plant came in a six inch pot and it has three pots pitchers. I bring the plant to the porch to get some sunlight but I believe the I left it longer than necessary. It had 3 hours of direct sun light and the bottom leaves are green at the first half and the second half of the leaf all the way to the tip it has turned yellow with a black shadow. Please let me know if this is very bad. Also I'm not sure, but I think there are two plants in this pot? Please let me know if this is correct. And thank you so much for all the help!

This is a good plant to start off with.  It's grows vigorously and will tolerate a wide range of growing conditions.  While it's sometimes sold as Nepenthes Alata, it's actually a hybrid, Nepenthes alata x (alata x ventricosa).

While it seems alarming to see yellow leaves on your plant, it's a normal process.  When plants experience a sudden and extreme change in their environment, they will sometimes drop their leaves.  In the case of Nepenthes, the older leaves lower down on the plant will yellow and eventually turn brown.  This is completely normal and many times unavoidable.  

From your photos, the upper parts of the plant look very healthy.  The leaves are firm, shiny and green.  This particular plant grows best with a few hours of direct sunlight.  During the summer months, we grow this plant under a tree where it gets dappled sun from morning to midday and direct sun in the afternoon.

You likely have multiple plants in your  pot, but don't attempt to separate them.  The roots are very thin and delicate.  It's almost impossible to untangle them.  Keep the mass together if you choose to repot it in the future.

For more information about growing Nepenthes, watch Volume 3 of the Grow Carnivorous Plants DVD series.

Good growing!
Jacob Farin

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