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For a while I've been thinking about building a lowland Nepenthes terrarium. And during that "while" I've been looking for what light fixture I should use. The things I've found are mainly expensive "Pro" fixtures and links to American sites where I (from Sweden) can't buy anything. I've been searching like crazy for something that I can buy that's not way out of my budget, I'm only a student, but I can't really find anything.
So my question is, what do you experts recommend me to do? My terrarium is kind of small (30x30x60cm) so I'm going to start out with smaller plants and then buy a new,bigger one in the future and to make the terrarium I have now into a highland terrarium.

PS. Does this seem like a good fixture? Sorry that it's in swedish :P


I saw your website, look like ok for your lowland setup. With T5s, you are always in good hands, and many lowland nepenthes, or other lowland plants like genlisea grow in open lands so 2x24watts will be perfect.

For myself, i grow all my plants under Sunblaster T5 tubes, very similar to yours.

Hope this help and good growing!

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