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Yes, I have read your website and watched your podcasts. Yes I am a plant enthusiast. I would like a recommendation for my first carnivorous. This is where it will live:
Gray Tn - indoors
East facing window
Bright sun til 2pm then filtered til dark
68 degrees 50 to 85 percent humidity all summer
74 degrees 30 to 50 percent humidity all winter
I will have to use distilled or rain water my city water is harsh
Would like to receive plant this winter during dormancy
Looking for a brighter color medium to small size
I do know that fly traps and north amer pitchers are not an option and I think my growing conditions are backwards sunlight vs temp vs humidity
I know this might be out of the range of your questions and therefore I appreciate any time you care to spend on it.

Hi Angela,

Take a look at our tropical plant section.  Many different plants there would be happy in your sunny East window.  Some of my top recommendations would be Cape Sundews, King Sundews, Mexican butterworts, and Nepenthes hybrids.  The choice now is more on what appeals to you as far as something you would like.  None of these plants have a dormancy to be concerned about.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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