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Two months ago, I received this cephalotus in the mail.  It had a few older pitchers on it which slowly died after arrival.  I attributed this to shock from shipping.  Anyway, It seems as if I have over watered the poor thing.  I have another cephalotus that I've had much longer that's growing very well in the same conditions.  I think that maybe my struggling ceph is in a heavier mix.  I grow them about 5 inches below six T5 lights.  Temperatures 55-65F at night, 75-80F during the day.  Humidity is usually around 60% in my new setup.  Good air flow.  I top water (the soil only) every few days with cold, distilled water.  My question is, is there any hope of saving this plant after my mistake?  If so, how?

Thank you very much.

Hi Sarah,

Your growing conditions sound great.  The plant looks mostly like it may be responding to having been in shady conditions originally, and now it's in very bright conditions under your lights.  It seems to have nice new growth developing, so it may just be a matter of time.  As you've probably noticed with your other plant, 2 months in Cephalotus time is not very long.  Also, if the soil media your currently using works well in your environment, you might consider transplanting your new plant to it.  Just be very gentle, and a Superthrive dip would be of benefit.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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