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hey guys, I have recently had an attack on my pitcher plants(about 2 weeks ago). stepping onto my porch one morning i found a lot of missing dirt and a couple plants removed from their pots entirely. I carefully cleaned and replaced all the plants, including several seedlings and a small tarnok hybrid, all seem to be recovering well(new growth, traps reinvigorated) except the tarnok. it has no new growth since the incident and all it's current traps are shriveling and turning brown. the rhizome was strong and had very healthy roots even when I repotted it. is there anything i can do, more than typical care and being extra patient to see if it recovers?

sum up:
1) tarnok hybrid
2) withered traps and no new growth after being unearthed by pests
3) 8+ hours of full sun, mostly rain with distilled water as needed, 50/50 sphagnum vermiculite blend, tarnok purchased 2 months ago
4) gulf coast central florida
5) no pic available at this time

Hi Johnny,

Unfortunately, not really.  You need to give the plant time to grow some new roots and leaves, plus, you're at the hot time of the summer when S. leucophylla normally slows down and produces only phyllodia.  You will probably see a growth spurt in the fall when the weather cools some.  Just cut off any material that has browned, and be sure to top water the pot frequently to keep the soil well oxygenated.

One thing I just noticed is you said you potted in sphagnum and vermiculite.  Avoid vermiculite.  Perlite or clean sand is what you want to use with the peat moss.  They are very different products.  Vermiculite tends to be alkaline and changes the pH of the soil.  If you did use vermiculite, I would switch if over to the correct media when you get a chance.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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