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My plant  
QUESTION: Hello mr Francois,i have a question about my Dionaea muscipula which frankly,confuses me.I bought it 5 years ago as one of the many TC-perfect plants,and through trial and error i managed to keep it alive until today.However it follows a certain cycle:early spring,signs of new growth,with very red short petioles and traps although it doesnt yet receive direct sun.Late spring i have very narrow petioles and big,but not so red traps.Summer traps have heart shape petioles with smaller and very very green mouth,they are also erect (kinda like the "Spider" cultivar).Autumn traps are short almost to the ground and pink again.....its a Dionaea muscipula typical,which flowers profusely,divides and eats a lot(lol).It also receives very strong light for half of the day,direct sunlight for 3 and a half hours.I am in Zone 8b,Greece,and i have it in peat and perlite,but i water from above.I also attach an image of the plant,i took a few days ago.
thanks in advance,Helen.

ANSWER: Hello helen

I dont understand your question.. Your vft is supposed to have a cycle. Do you put your plant into dormancy each winter?

What is the day/night temperatures, and Relative humidity(%)?

I experiment the same cycle each year with all my dionaea :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yeah,im sorry,i realized i wasnt very clear with my question after i submitted it!!!the question is:how can i make it look its best(short petioles close to the ground,and red big traps),like the pictures i see everywhere on the Internet?
my average low temp is 2o-5o Celsius in winter,average high 12o-16o
summer low 24o and high 37o (we can get the occasional 40o C sometimes..ouch!)
relative humidity average is 30-50 but it can easily reach 100 too.
And i dont put my plant into does on its own!!!!!lol

Everythings look like ok. Dionaea can handle a big range of temperatures and relative humidity.

You have to realize that your plant come from a very open land (peat bug), so you have to grow your plant under fullsun or under very powerfull T5 tubes like in my setup. Its the only way you will get deep red traps.

And you have many types of dionaea cultivars. Many colors and forms, even one who stay alway green no matter what light you use.

Also, erected leaves in the summer = good health :)

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