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QUESTION: I have now been growing my nepenthes under the tree in that greenhouse I mentioned for about two weeks now but I don't see any visible growth. I water it at least twice a day and I don't think it gets any direct sun what's wrong with it that it won't grow pitchers, does it just take a while to grow the pitchers, how long, is there something wrong with my plant?

ANSWER: Hello again brandon

When you write "no visible growth", you mean no pitchers or no new growth at all, leaves included?

Your nep is into a greenhouse, so i assume that the relative humidity is allright. (65%+)

So its probably another problem. On your picture i can see sone spots on the leaves. Look like sunburns, or fungus. How many hours of direct sunlight on the plant?

If i where you, the first thing i would do is check the roots. If the roots are black with white tips, its ok.
Next, i will go for a shadier growing conditions, and look for more ventilation, if the plant are in stagnant air.

Another thing, this nepenthes do not need a constant moist soil. When you notice a dry soil on the top, then add some water. Your plant can handle 1 or 2 day with dry soil without problem, and this will help you with future mold problems.

Also, look at this website:

You will find some amazing info.

Hope this help !

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QUESTION: Just a follow up, the sunburn that you see is not recent, I had in direct sun for a few weeks because of some bad info. I can increase ventilation by opening just one door (my greenhouse has two doors, one is solid but the other one is a screen door), I will also stop watering the nepenthes multiple times a day. The roots probably aren't too bad because many of the leaves are still green, the problem is that the nubs really don't seem to be growing that much if at all, I'll implement the changes I mentioned, but really, how long does it take for a pitcher to grow?

ANSWER: A pitcher can take 2 to 4 weeks for full development.

But you know, a nepenthes is a very special plant who can have strange reactions. From my experience, and as a read from you, i think this lil plant had hard times, with sunburns. It will take maybe a month or 2 before your plant will accept to grow again.

Sometimes in my collection, when i put a nepenthes into new terrarium, the plant have a setback, and do not grow for many week, even if the growing conditions are the same. Its a very picky plant, and you will probably have to wait more.

Remember, neps are like childs; you have to make them happy, if not, the plant can idle for weeks.

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QUESTION: The problem is that this plant was sunburned a couple of months ago, so its not like it happened recently, this plant has been weird before, it has had a pitcher for half a year and yet it still has not turned completely brown, I gave it a dead cricket and that pitcher is dying at the same rate that the new pitchers are growing (which is it is not). I have been trying to keep this plant happy but it has not reacted the way it should, I don't understand       what's wrong :(, I wish I knew what it was complaining about, I would give it that, what's wrong with it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?.

I understand your frustration.

I have over 30 carnivorous plants species here, over 120+ plants, and i sometimes feel like you when i didnt find a solution.

Sometimes, you just have to provide perfect culture conditions, and wait. Some of my nepenthes dont want to grow for months, even a year, and i cannot say why. And a good morning, i notice a little new growth.

What i suggest to you, is provide perfect conditions for your nep, and just wait, giving some time to your plant.

So, try to provide:

1- 80%RH and more
2- Repotting the plant in a brand new airy orchid mix(75%) and peatmoss(25%).
3- water your plant when the top soil is dry, or close.
4- Provide a little bit of ventilation, but no wind on the plant.
5- Dont mist the plant, its useless and misting can bring you mold problem with massive RH%.
6- Use only rain water or demineralized water.
7- No direct sun, but a bright indirect light.
8- Let the plant feeding itself, this way your plant will catch good sized preys.
9- Dont worry, just give time to your plant.

Remember, a nepenthes is a very 'advanced' plant, i mean very far in evolution. These kind of plant will not react like others green plants.


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