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QUESTION: I was at the local commissary and I found this Nepenthese at the back of the store with no sunlight getting to them. As I inspected it, it seemed to be in good health overal so I bought it. The soil was damp, and I didn't see any fungal infection. The only problem that I could identify was that the developing pitchers on the new leaves had shriveled and died. I suspect it's because the lack of light. At my house I have put it on a large south window. That's all I could think to do to put it on the right track. But I hope the pictures help you get an idea of the plants overal health and identify what else I need to do. I have a couple other pics to send too. So I'll send them on a follow up question. Because it'll only let me send 2 pics per question.

ANSWER: Hi Jesus,

Your plant looks pretty much as they usually do after being in a store for a period of time, and it's not in bad shape.

You've done the right thing with it, now you'll just need to give it time.  You'll be looking at about a month for the plant to adapt to the new location and begin making pitchers again.  Just keep the soil damp.  These tend to be heavily fertilized back at the nursery they come from, so don't worry about any feeding until new pitchers grow.  Be sure the plant is getting some direct sun in the window. (Your window looks pretty good.)  Here's general growing information:

The plant you have looks like a DeRooses alata which is grown by DeRoose plants of Florida and the Netherlands.  It's a type of Nepenthes ventrata which is N. alata x (N. ventricosa x N. alata).

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
Sarracenia Northwest

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Dying leaf?
Dying leaf?  

QUESTION: It's good to know the plant is looking pretty well despite the lack of sun. What products would be good at preventing fungus from developing? I think that's something that I'll have to watch for. Because of the damp wet soil and no light it had.

Hi Jesus,

You could spray the soil surface with a sulfur fungicide to prevent mold growth, but Nepenthes themselves are not that prone to fungal problems.  As long as your soil drains freely, and you're not keeping the plant waterlogged, this really isn't a problem.  When you water, wait until the soil just starts to feel dry before watering.  Your plant is in coarse peat, so it won't dry out very fast.  Sun and good air circulation are what help prevent mold.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
Sarracenia Northwest

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