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Hi there!

I purchased a pygmy sundew set from Sarracenia Northwest about 6 months ago and they're all doing great.

My Drosera nitidula x pulchella has sent up many flowers stalks and they all seem to have turned brown and are ready for harvesting. I just want to let them grow in the same pot they are currently in.

My question: How do I get the seeds to start germinating? Should I just cut the flower stalks and lay them next to the parent plant? Do I need to remove the seeds and put just the seed down?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hey Alex,
Congrats on getting them to flower. Usually what I do for my dews is letting the flower stocks get semi brown, then what you can do is cut the stalk and sprinkle the seed on the soil. Just put seed down like you would grass seed, just on the top soil. Then just spray them down and keep the soil wet. They should sow in a month or so!

If you have any more question dont hesitate to ask!

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