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You said that you could answer questions about other carnivorous plants, now I have a problem with my Venus Flytrap's dormancy. As you know fall is around the corner, tonight us here in Tiverton are going to get slapped with a low in the upper 40s, it will be our first truly cold temperature in months. It got me thinking about the Venus Flytrap's dormancy how cold should it get before I bring it into my house, I don't want to bring it in too early or it might get confused by the warm temperature of my house and think it's summer again. If it helps I'm in USDA plant hardiness zone 6b (you may not know what that is being from Canada, and if you don't trust me, you can look it up if you have access to a computer. I've already made arrangments to move my nepenthes inside but i'm going to have to start misting it now that it son't be air that is that humid all the time. Maybe I could even leave the Venus Flytrap outside, I don't know, that's why I'm asking you please respond.

Hello Brandon

Zone 6 is a way too cold, with winter nights at -10C.
So, it will be easy for you. Just let the dionaea go slowly dormant outside. When the outside temperatures reach 4 or 6 at night, put your already dormant plant into a black bag, ad 15-20ml of rain water/demineralized water to the almost soil, and seal the bag. Put the whole thing in the frigd at 3-4C all winter long. Open the bag once a month to be sure everything is ok.
The sealed bag will keep the 15ml of water in the bag all winter long, no need to add more later. If you add more, your plant will rot.

And next spring, when the temps are 5-6C at night, put your dormant plant back outside. This way, your vft will slowly awake for another growing season :)
Resume normal watering when you see new growth.

Hope this help !

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