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QUESTION: I was given some Drosera Natalensis a while ago and I was also given a Betta Fish tank a friend gave me cause he was not going to get more fish.
I decided to make a small Terrarium out of it with only sub-Tropical Sundews.
I had the seeds spread on the surface of the damp Sphagnum Peat moss and with the lid closed retained enough humidity to keep the media moist to the touch.
How long will these seeds need to sprout growth? They were under LED lights for 8 or more hours every day for a week!
These Sundews are Rosetted from South Africa and do not need a dormancy and can be gown year round and the person that sent me the seeds said at maturity they grow to 1.5 inches but if fed regularly grow really fast! I plan to feed them a soupy mixture of ground up freeze dried bloodworms/distilled water mix and put a little on the ends of the leaves with a pipette or a eyedropper.

How long do these Sundew seeds need to germinate?
I know Drosera Capensis is one option but the leaves get too long for me.....I had one before.
Can you recommend other Dews that are compatible with my Natalensis?
Please answer at this email as well as posting as I am almost never on Youtube
Thank You.

ANSWER: Hello,
Generally it takes about 3 weeks to a month for these seeds to sprout! To be honest, any subtropical dew would be compatible with that plant. Here is a great guide,

If you have any more questions feel free to ask,
Come grow with us,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again,
when my D Natalensis seeds break the media surface what will I be looking for?
what will I see?

Hello Dennis,
Its kinda hard to tell, at first, you should see the seed swell, and after that you will see what looks like a green steam break the surface of the seed. I know thats not very descriptive enough, but I hope you get the picture. Also, come join my forum, members and myself can definitely help you! We have a chat room and everything!

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