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I have ordered a Venus flytrap and a Pitcher Plant. I looked at the care guides about winterizing your plants, but said nothing more. I have a blanket and during the night I am thinking about covering it. Will that work? Please reply,


Hi Jaxon,

It really depends how cold you're getting in your area right now.  If your nights are only in the 20's, and you're above freezing in the day, a light covering is all you would need.  Temps in the teens and single digits, and not getting above freezing during the day, you need to bundle them up with some good covering.

Having said that, however, being in Kansas, you're going to be either USDA zone 5 or 6, so I know you can get really cold.  In addition, you tend to have lots of wind.  This can be deadly to plants in pots that would otherwise be hardy in an in-ground planting.  If you were having temps in the single digits combined with wind, a simple covering would probably not be enough.

Since you only have a couple plants, here's the simplest thing to do.  When you get them find a cool, preferably North facing window in your house.  Right now you don't want them in a hot sunny window because they need to stay dormant about another month.  A cool window combined with the short days will hold them dormant.  Be sure to check and make sure their soil is staying damp, but not waterlogged.  When you start seeing new shoots trying to form, move them to a sunny window.  Once frost danger is mostly past, they can then go outside for the season.  Resist the temptation to leave them in the window permanently.  They'll never quite achieve their full potential in that location since they won't get enough sun.

Next fall you can consider if you want to fully winterize them to spend the winter outside, and make a cold frame for them.

We have a detailed section in our volume #1 DVD on winterizing plants, and what that looks like.  Since you're a new grower, the information there will really help you avoid the pitfalls so common to new growers.  It gives you a detailed course on growing North American carnivorous plants.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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