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Hi, Jeff, I am starting another question thread because the last one would not allow to do more follow up questions. As you suggested, I got a 12 inch terra cotta pot from lowes with a tray. I also bought 3 cubic feet of sphagnum peat moss. That was the only size they have without the fertilizer. I still have about 4 quart left over perlite from when I got it for my pitcher plant, venus fly trap already died, and 2 other cape sundews also already died. My pitcher plant is still alive. I read one of your answers about potting mix that you have good experience on 2 perlite to 1 peat moss ratio. If that's the case, I would need to buy more perlite as it doesn't look to be enough for my 12 inch pot. And I did some research that this plant likes light soil. Should I get more perlite, or I should use what I have? I estimate it would be 50/50 ratio if I use the perlite I have with the peat moss to fill the pot. I plan to locate this plant at my big kitchen window that is around 9 feet long. However, I like to turn my window blinds down for privacy reason and to avoid too much sunlight, but there is still some sunlight that seeps through the blinds facing downward.  Would this be enough sunlight for this plant? Should I open up the blinds more for more sunlight to shine through? Thanks for answering all of my questions.

Hi Rickey,

Get the extra perlite.  Drosera regia does like a lighter soil.  What this does is help cool the roots and provide more aeration.  Another mix that works well for this plant is what we use for our course mix is 1 part clean sand, 2 parts perlite, 1 part peat moss.  We use this for plants that don't like their soil as wet such as Cephalotus, Drosophyllum and Mexican Butterworts.

On the sunlight being enough through the blinds, not a chance.  You will need to either put the plant on the other side of the blinds, leave the up, or find a different location.  90% of sundews are full-sun plants.  Not providing not enough light is the #1 reason new growers fail with carnivorous plants.  Even myself as a 30+year veteran doing this I find myself getting sucked in by things I read occasionally, but I've always found it's better to err on the side of too much light than too little.  I can say that indoors through windows, there's almost no such thing as too much light.  Glass blocks 80-90% of UV light plus dozens of other variables.  For every window that actually might be two bright, people will have 10 windows that won't provide enough.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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