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hi, i got a new nepenthes plant as the same one you see in the picture, while it was in the shop it was growing perfectly, but now when i got it into here it suddenly slowed down and almost stopped it growing, the plant itself is green but the pitchers started turning black and stopped making new pitchers. the soil used for it is black peat, i feed the plant some dried worms (very little bit after i realized bad growing). i keep it in my room under a LED light lamp hanged on top. just little bit indirect sunlight passes to the plant for like 1 hour a day. the temperature is a normal room temperature but sometimes it gets a bit cold because of weather outside is cold. no much humidity. can i know how to control everything with the situation in my room to make my plant grow better?

thank you :)

Hi Yousef,

It's very common for Nepenthes to drop pitchers after experiencing some major transitions.  Once you get them into a new home, you have to give them time to re-adapt to the new growing conditions.  That takes at least a month.  

Here's what to do right now.  Keep your light on a timer for about a 13 hour day.  That mimics an Equatorial day.  Water it regularly; the soil should be damp, but don't set the pot in water.  Nepenthes are much more like regular plants in this respect.  Since you have the plant where it gets some natural light, that is good too.  Don't worry about the humidity for now.  This is part of the transition period where the plant grows a tougher waxy cuticle on the leaves and new pitchers.  Keep some water in the pitchers even if they dry out on the tops.  This will benefit the plant during the recovery period.  Once every two weeks give the plant a very weak orchid fertilizer.  Use a powdered mix at 1/4 teaspoon to one gallon of water US. (You'll have to do the conversion to Metric.)

The variety of Nepenthes you have is often called "deRooses alata" and is produced by DeRoose Plants in the Netherlands.  I would rate it as the single best plant to have for your first Nepenthes.  It's very adaptable, and a good grower.  It can get pretty big.  With this plant, not making pitchers is more a factor of not enough light than low humidity.  With inadequate light you'll have a big leafy plant, but not pitchers.  With some sun, or good artificial light, it tends to pitcher like crazy.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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