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I live in Pittsburgh Pa.  I am growing Sarracenia "Scarlet Belle","Tarnock",and "Yellow Jacket.  I am not sure how to over winter them!  My intial thought is to bring my tube into the garage and cut back on the amount of water they are getting.  My garage is unheated.  I have four tubs.  If I were to leave them outside what would be my options?  I believe I read something about wrapping them in flannel then mulch with, straw I would use, about 4 inches deep!  Help!!!
Thank you,
Clarkie Penney

Hi Clarkie,

Since you only have three plants having them in the garage is probably the best option for this winter.  You mention tubs, so I'm assuming those are your water trays.  Just keep the plants damp, but not waterlogged while they are in the garage.  Clip off any dead or dying foliage, and spray with a sulfur fungicide.  Since they are going to be inside in a mostly dark area, the fungicide is important as they will get some mold.  Getting rid of the dead material helps with that.  Also, watch your temperatures in the garage during severe cold spells.  Potted Sarracenia will tolerate up to a week in the teens when they are not being dehydrated by wind, but if you have a very long cold spell like last winter, you might want to find a way to get the temperatures in the garage into the upper 20's.

In your area outdoor winterizing takes more preparation, and the things you mentioned are part of that.  We go into detail about how to do that on our volume #1 DVD with demonstrations.  Here's information on that:  Here's more information that's very helpful:

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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