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My burbidgeae x platychila use to be the plant I was most proud of, but its health has been in decline. It started to develop rust spots on the leaves, which I've really only tried neem oil to treat. The most recent leaves were looking better, until It got that last, deformed leaf, and I cant really tell if the new growth tip is still alive.
Ive only been growing nepenthes for a short time, so if the tip is dead will the plant still be okay?
And are there any suggestions to help with improving the plants health.
I live in Texas and I grow my plants outside. This one was grown in the shade of a tree and it was doing pretty well, but a few days ago I repotted it with sphagnum and perlite to see if that would help, then moved it to the front of my house under the shade of the entry way- it gets south facing light.

Sorry if its a silly question but Im worried and I would be heartbroken if my dear plant died.

Hello Heather,
I am sorry to hear the bad news about this wonderful plant! How long have you had this plant? And what part of texas do you live in? Judging the grow stunted growth and the pitcherless plant, I could assume that the plant is not getting enough sun light, neps require a fair amount of sunlight, so the shade that you are giving it may not be "bright enough". Another thing, it could be the water, temps, and humidity level or a combination of both. This is a highlander, so it requires warm days 78f to aprox 85f, and drops at night of Id say at least 15 degrees. Humidity is also a HUGE player in this. So, without knowing the growing conditions, the water source, then Id definitely say it is very unhappy with the growing conditions, but light I think is playing a factor. I live in amarillo, texas, and here I grow my plants in a grow tent. I grow highlanders. I would encourage you to join my forum, there my members and I can help you and give you recommendations... We are very friendly.

Feel free to email me!
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