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Carnivorous Plants/D Nidiformis Question


QUESTION: What color are D Nidiformis seedlings when they com out of the media Yellow or green cause I have 1 yellow ball]these are the same seeds I flooded


The color should be green, but sometimes yellowish.

The problem will be solved when the lil plant will hunt springtails.

Yellow=lack of nitrogen or azote.

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QUESTION: I steamed the peat before using it...will I still have spring tales?
will I need to start feeding them once they sprout?
If they break the surface yellowish in color can I make the water/fish food soup and start feeding with a eyedropper?

Hello Dennis

Even with 100% sterile media, springtails will always develop and colonize your soil.

And its a good thing, because these lil insects will eat dead part of the plant. A kinda cleanup.

For the feeding, a very tiny seedling will catch tiny springtails alone. But you can feed it with very very small pieces of dead insects or rehydrated dryed blood worms.

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