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Carnivorous Plants/D Natalensis seedlings


QUESTION: Is the white material mineral deposits? What kind of water are you using?

Hair like growths sounds like fungus.

I only use steam distilled water on the plants.
I also steamed moist peat for over 2 minutes!
I was told by Chris Litrelle to just keep using the tray to water and mist the seeds to help germination.
I did this and this morning there was a white hairlike thing I removed near the spot I think the seeds were and white near the edge
I steamed the peat a long time how can fungus survive that kind of treatment on the soil?

ANSWER: Hello Dennis,
I am not sure how fungus can survive, sometimes its just hard to escape the inevitable. I find no matter how much you treat things, sometimes it will still happened. It is completely normal to lose some seed. Its highly unlikely and very rare that you will get a 100% germination rate.

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QUESTION: I was forced to repot the seedlings there was mold under every rock so the seedlings I got are in new peat with distilled water in the tray
I by mistake rubbed off the dew and now I cannot see them!,not even with a magnifying class! I think they landed on their side, if so will the roots correct this when they grow and will the seedlings die or will these become more visible as they grow?

I wouldn't have messed with the seeds. I believe you are over complicating the process. In the wild there is no such thing as 100% germination rate. Messing with the seeds will just cause more to never sow. You should see them pop up in a month or so. All that is required to sow seed is wet soil and sprinkling the seed on top of the soil.


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