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QUESTION: You can stop misting them a couple weeks after they sprout. Their roots will allow them to absorb water from the soil.
D Nidiformis seeds have roots at that point? how long are they a couple of weeks after they sprouted and I stop the daily mistings?
I am a little cautious getting them to another pot, if I happen to damage a root retieving (D Natalensis) seedlings from the media what will happen? will the seedling still continue growing and repair the root or will the plant be forced to make another root?
My D Natalensis seeds are seedlings making dewy leaves and I think I will be in trouble soon with Algae and want to put them in they're own pot but am afraid I wil hit or damage a root trying to dig it up. Any advice when it comes to digging up natalensis seedlings without doing damage that might kill it?


In fact, the first part of the seed to develop will be the roots.

So if you see cotyledons germination, thats mean your seedling already have a roots system.

Misting will only help to keep RH% Up and to keep the soil moist before germination.

Dont worry to repot your seedling. You will need a toothpick, and be gentle with the tiny guy. If you broke the roots, the seedling will make another one.

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QUESTION: To play it safe I wrapped the entire pot with saran wrap
I know combined with the tray method this will raise Humidity for the D Nidiformis seeds if they germinate and start appearing at the media surface is it to take the wrap off the pot then?

ANSWER: Yes. Or you can start your seeds in a terrarium.

Be sure to ventilate each day if you seal the whole thing.

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QUESTION: This is not really a question
I always thought I needed to germinate seed in a pot and when they got big enough to then move them to a Terrarium
mine has a closed in cover with ventilation slots on both sides
I have more D Natalensis and D Spatula seed on the way, these will go into the terrarium right away and I am mixing peat and sand the cook it off in the microwave after I mist it then when it cools dump it in the terrarium on top of more gravel rocks for drainage

Hello Dennis

D.natalensis & spatulata are pretty easy to germinate. I think you can be successeful in your dirty socks =-)

When i sow drosera seeds, even the harder south african species, i try to get theses perfect germination conditions:

Temps 25 to 35C 24/7
RH% 100%
Ventilation twice a day.
Water/drain the medium once a week.

Hope this help man

By the way, im Maiden from OCPS :-)

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