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i got a new venus fly trap, on the instruction paper it said that to keep it in 0.5cm of water, and never water it from above, what i always do it thats when the plant grow up i put it in a new better looking and bitter pot, in this case how can i keep water under it without watering it from above and when it grow up ot will need more than 0.5cm of water, how can i know the amount? and is the plant kep eating bugs whenever it opens it mouth will it die? how much should it be eating? and thank you :)


Congrats for your new plant !

The instructions on the plant label are very general. You only need to keep the soil mix moist, never satured with water.

So, for a happy venus fly trap, you need:

-Acid and airy growing medium like peatmoss+perlite.

-Moderate relative humidity. (From 40 to 70. But the plant can tolerate 30%.

-Pure water, like rain or demineralized water. No tap water.

If you grow the plant outside, it will catch up his own food.

I wrote an article about food and plants.

Hope this help!  

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