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QUESTION: i got a new venus fly trap. i want to plant it in our farm i visit it each friday so there is no daily care, i want to plant them on the floor with some peat moss around them, my country is jordan, its very rainy and cold in the winter and high humidity and very hot in the summer, so do you think i should plant it there or no? and please help me with trying to plant it if it can be. and on the instruction paper it said 0.5cm of water, do they mean 0.5cm of water a day or i refill after the 0.5cm is done?

ANSWER: Hello yousef

Planting your new plant directly on the ground can be problematic because your dionaea can not support soil nutriments.
Even with peat moss around, the roots will go deeper and your plant will be damaged.

You should use a pot, with only peatmoss and perlite, in full sun, outside. Or in a terrarium.

If you grow your plant outside, be sure to keep the soil always moist, never dry.

Hope this help!

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QUESTION: but our country is most of the time rainy and cold, so would it be good for the plant to stay outside? and you told me that i can`t put it in the ground, but please if there is any way tell me. and thank you :)

If the nights temperatures drop under 10celcius, you need to grow your plant inside because your dionaea will go dormant.

If the outside temps are warm enought, you can set a little peatbog at your place.

You place a black plastic in a hole, you fill this with peat and you can grow your plants there.

Or like me, in individual pots.  

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