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Plants are producing flower stalks, but not blooming.

I have several of these growing in a pot watered via the water tray method. Plants seem to be doing well - almost all rosettes have produced flower stalks, but NONE have bloomed. Plants are approx. 10" from fluorescent bulb in a reflector.  I used supplemental lighting because intially, no dew was forming. Lighting fixed that problem.
Should I snip off the flower stalks  at the rosette or just leave them alone ? Would like to see flowers, but wonder if the stalks are taking away too much energy from the plants.

Thanks !

Each flower bud opens only for a day, and only for a few hours during the day.  So first you have to make sure that they are not opening up when you're not home.  Based on your photo it seems like they are opening up.

If you are certain that they are not opening up at all, then consider your light source.  Insufficient lighting is one of the reasons why flowers fail to open.  It may be possible that your light isn't strong enough.  Your leaves look green with a tinge of red, but not as dewy as it could be. Again, this points to insufficient lighting.

The other factor is whether the buds are getting too close to the light source or growing taller than the height of the source.  Heat from the light source can prevent buds from opening up.  If the buds grow taller than the light source, the lack of light might prevent them from opening up.  

You might not be have a lot of options here other than finding a window that has several hours of direct sunlight.  Otherwise, if you're not able to increase the lighting and accommodate the flower buds under the light, you might as well snip off the stalk as they grow.

Good growing!
Jacob Farin

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