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White fuzz
White fuzz  
I've got some white fuzz growing on my sarracenia rhizomes. I bought them from you guys in January and I've been over wintering them in my garage because we are still getting frost and very cold winds overnight here. I've been using a sulphur based anti fungal spray on them like the grow carnivorous plants DVD said to and I use distilled water and the soil I bought from your site with my plants, but I've still got this white fuzz growing on the plants. I just noticed it today when I took the plants outside to get some sun since it's going to be very nice out today.

Yes, that's definitely fungus.  Have you been spraying generously with the sulfur?  It's completely safe to use on Sarracenia.  You should be spraying it until you don't see any signs of the fungus.  Sometimes this might mean spraying it every few days to weekly.

Is the plant in the photo the only plant affected?  Have you overwintered other potted plants in your garage and are they affected?  If other plants are affected, the fungal spore level might be high in your garage, which would make combating the issue very difficult.  

Here's what I recommend.  If you have additional soil, unpot your rhizomes and examine them.  They should be firm.  If you scrape the surface with you fingernail, you should see some white flesh.  This means the rhizomes are healthy, but the stem portions above the soil were infected with fungus.  If this is the case, clip off all of the stems as close to the rhizome as possible.  Rinse the rhizomes completely to wash away any spores.  After that, spray the rhizome with sulfur.  Be generous!  (When we stored the rhizomes for the sale, we first soaked them in a sulfur bath.)  Finally, repot your plant in fresh soil.  If you only have the soil that's been used, spray the soil with the sulfur and use that for now.

I also recommend top watering your plants for now.  Avoid setting them in water.  Water only when the top soil dries slightly.  When you water, allow the water to drain through completely.  Keep your pots in full sun as well.  In late spring and early summer, you can resume normal watering procedures.  For now, we have to modify things to minimize fungal spores.

Please keep me posted.  Write back as a follow-up to this message.  

Good growing!
Jacob Farin  

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