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I have Sarracenia and Venus flytraps. The Sarracenia I re poted this spring with 50/50 perilite and peat moss. I separated 1 or 2 and and cut off most of the old growth from last year. I left a couple as you can see in the picture ( I hope it went through ) but I don't see any new growth coming up. On the flytrap, I do see 2 very tiny leaves that are new, but they haven't gotten any larger at all. I use rain water for water. I admit I got caught in the freeze last winter, and when I went out to move them to my shop, the ice in the container was solid so I couldn't; and they remained out in the weather. Hope that didn't kill it. My friend has some also, and didn't re pot, and got his out of the extreme weather, and his aren't showing growth either.

I assume that you didn't cover your plants during the freeze.  I also don't know your location, so I don't know how severe your freeze was.  The most you can do is wait because it's a matter of how much of the rhizome survived.  There's nothing more you can do at this point.  

At our nursery in Oregon, we experienced temperatures as low as 8F twice, once in December and again in February.  In both instances, we covered the plants to protect them from the freezing wind.  When the freeze was over, we immediately uncovered the plants.  All of our Sarracenia and flytraps made it and are now producing lots of new growth.

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