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QUESTION: My sarracenia was growing just fine sending out three leaves this spring but its been about a month and a half and there is no signs of new growth. Is this normal behavior ?

ANSWER: Yes, this sometimes happens, especially if there is a sudden increase in temperature.  Without knowing any details about your growing condition (lighting, watering, soil, your location, if your plants were recently divided or grown from seed, etc.), I can't offer any recommendations other than waiting for new growth.  Make sure to follow our recommendations located on our main website:

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QUESTION: Well I live in west Texas boarder with New Mexico and the temperature has gone up this last week was quite nice but now it's up to 90 degrees. I keep my plants outside and they get about eight hours of sun, I use distilled water and equal parts of peat and perlite I bought my plants from you guys last year and they were not recently divided

Great!  This new information helps me better.  Given your location, your plants likely came up a lot earlier than normal, such as in their natural habitat.  With the rising temperatures, they think they are in mid-summer when they naturally slow down and undergo a short summer rest.  They do this to preserve moisture when the soil goes dry.  

The most you can do is wait.  Since your weather will only get warmer, it may be awhile before they produce new growth again.  Keeping the soil very wet may help, but this might be something you have to accept when growing this species in a desert climate.  

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