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Carnivorous Plants/Are these seeds I have now still good?


Hope you had a good vay cay!
I have  types of Drosera on peat and some VFT seeds germinating I hope there is no sign of life from the pots yet I am pretty sure I had the VFT and Drosera Natalensis seed sown for 3 weeks maybe longer and an starting to think these seeds are old or not viable any more
this is driving me nuts so Devon has some Drosera seedlings on the way to me,Lane has a Ping Aphrodite for me and I ordered a B 52 and a couple Drosera which I should get early next month since I am on disability and cannot pay for my order till months end
I did notice the VFT seeds are going in the soil pointed end fist does that mean the roots are establishing??


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Thx, yes too short :)

Thats a very good question. I sow hundreds seeds without asking myself this question. I dont think its important, the roots will find a way.

Just drop your seeds on the soil surface, and press the seeds with your finger. Do not bury your seeds, they need to see the light.

Ps: some seeds will sprout after months.

Hope this help!  

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