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I just noticed my 2 Cephalotus, 1 was dying into the soil and covered with white specs I took as being mold so I got it out of the pot and tossed it I also uprooted the healthy one and ran pure water through the peat into a water tray and put the healthy Ceph in it in the pots center and in a zipoc bag sealed with no water cause it is hot and sunny here plus the peat felt damp, its in a 4.5 inch pot for a few years since they are slower than flytraps growing lol !
Do you have any advice or see something I am doing wrong?

Hello dennis

A real important thing is ventilation.
If your setup have not enough air movement, you will have problem for sure.

Just open the bag/terra once a day for ventilation.
Also, you can grow your ceph in any well ventilated and humid setup, like a terrarium.



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