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pic 2 Rajah x Mira
pic 2 Rajah x Mira  
Nepenthes Rajah x Mira
Nepenthes Rajah x Mira  

I wanted your help because I recently picked up a Nepenthes Rajah x Mira along with a Nepenthes Clipeata x Eymae from cooks carnivores.

My question is for the Nepenthes Rajah x Mira. I am not familiar with the plant at all. I am however a huge fan of the Rajah just because of it's sheer size and beauty from what I have seen online.

So I am wondering if this plant will be an easy and fast grower ? I live in Los Angeles, CA where summer temps right now are over 90 degrees in the day and drop to high 70s at night. I grow my other nepenthes in a bright window where they get 4 hours of direct sun and bright light the rest of the day.

And my biggest question is how will the pitchers on this N Rajah hybrid look ?

My hope is they will look very similar because I love the design of the Rajah pitchers.

There are very few photos of the Rajah x Mira online. But I found some and was hoping you could tell me if they are an accurate picture of the Nepenthes Rajah x Mira pitchers.

I will attach some pics of what I found.

Will it look more like the first or second photo  ?

I am hoping it will look more like the first because I like the bright color and shape   :)

I am really excited to have this plant and can't wait till it comes !


ANSWER: The hybrid is not at all easy or fast.  Both of the parent plants are often problematic, even for the experienced grower.  They prefer higher humidity, very bright lighting, moderate day temperatures (no higher than 85F), and cool nights (below 60F).  They also grow very slowly.  With warm nights, they grow even slower.  The hybrid has the advantage of having hybrid vigor, but that too is not a guarantee.  

Your plants were produced from seed (by Borneo Exotics), so there is no way to predict how your plant will look when it matures.  Each seedling will have its own characteristics.  Some will look more like rajah.  Some will look more like mira.  Some will look like a perfect combination of the two.  It's all a matter of the luck of the draw.  This is why it's difficult to even determine if the hybrid will exhibit greater vigor than either parent.  Some seedlings retain the same fickleness as their parents.

Your clipeata hybrid, however, will appreciate your growing conditions and grow much quicker than the rajah x mira hybrid.

Good growing!
Jacob Farin

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


thanks for clearing that up !

I will try my best to give my plant a happy environment when its gets home

Have you guys had much experience with this hybrid ?

Also if I do attain the perfect conditions and the plant starts producing pitchers.

Can I expect the plant to make huge pitchers like its parents ? How big will they be ?

Thats one reason I bought this plant because I am drawn to the huge size of the nepenthes Rajah pitchers.

Also I am curious how long do nepenthes plants live ?


I really can't predict how this plant will grow for you.  As mentioned in my previous message, the parent plants are problematic, even for experienced growers.  So far, I can identify only 1 grower who has attained large rajah pitchers in cultivation.  He has a very expensive greenhouse that has automatic climate control settings.  All other growers produce only small rajah pitchers, if any.

This is also the first time the hybrid has been made, so no one knows for sure of the potential size of the pitchers.  The hybrid has been available for only 2 years.  

Rajah and mira are not plants I recommend for first-time Nepenthes growers.  It's best to start with plants that are best suited for your particular natural growing conditions rather than trying to create an elaborate setup to mimic optimal growing conditions.   There are many hybrids and species that are just as impressive as rajah and mira.  Some varieties produce pitchers 12-15 inches long.  

I recommend reading our care guide online.  We also have a DVD devoted to the cultivation of Nepenthes.

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