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Hi guys,
I have a big bag of Pro mix HP that I use for my other plants.  Reading the ingredients made me think I could use it for my CP's.
Can you give me your input on this before I start experimenting?
Thanks as always,

Hi Ed,

I'm glad you contacted us before using this product.  It most likely would kill Venus Flytraps and Sundews.  If you look at the product specifications they add limestone to adjust pH to neutral, and a wetting agent which is often a detergent of some kind.  Several years ago I wiped out a whole crop of Drosera adelae using a product like this from Teufel Products Company in Portland, a company to be avoided for other reasons.  Unfortunately this tends to be the case with anything that is a mix unless it is specifically stated that it is safe for carnivorous plants.  You're very unlikely to find that outside of cp nurseries.

I've contacted a couple companies in the last couple years mentioning that they would benefit from having a cp mix, but they seem uninterested.  I did get Scott's Miracle Gro's attention, however, when I posted a negative review on Home Depot's website of their Miracle Gro Peat Moss.  Countless people have been had the heartbreak of watching their Venus Flytraps die from using Miracle Gro peat moss.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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