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Why my ceph got this fungus ? I put bayer fungicide but still coming out this black spot and red spot. My ceph are in t5 10,000 lumens with temperature of 79 to 85f . Humidity can go to 75 to 99 and is in a terrarium.

I buy this four month ago and the plant came with those spot. This are te only ceph that I have in my terrarium with those nasty spot. How can I do ? :,(

Thanks guy

Hi Gabriel,

This looks like powdery mildew which Cephalotus is very prone to.  Powdery mildew is a very resistant, hard to treat fungus, but recently research has come out on a treatment that seems to work very well.  Mix 1 part skim milk with 10 parts water and spray it on the leaves.  This is used now by many gardeners to treat squash that always get powdery mildew in the late summer.  It is reported to work better than most chemical fungicides, which I can tell you from personal experience, that chemical fungicides don't work well on it.  Don't exceed the 1 to 10 concentration of milk to water.  More would not be better.

Store your solution in the refrigerator, and spray about once every four days to once a week.  Be sure to top-water your soil to rinse away excess milk from the soil.  Milk in the pitchers will just be digested by the plant.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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