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My nice looking drosera filiformis
My nice looking droser  
Drosera filiformis
Drosera filiformis  
QUESTION: My drosera filiformis is starting to emerge, but I have noticed that the some of the dormant leaves are turning brown. I sprayed with a sulfur fungicide to make sure it does not get fungus on the plant. My plants grow outside and get around 4 hours of direct sunlight during the winter and 6 or more in spring and summer. My water is pretty clear with it having on 36 ppm. My other droseras do not look like this.

ANSWER: Yeah, it would be helpful if your photos were clear.  With digital cameras, you can take as many photos as necessary until you have one that is clear.  However, you only have one shot at us helping you out!

Based solely on your description and photos, I'm going to say that this is normal.  The browning on the unfurling leaves is simply from sun exposure.  It's like getting a tan.  (I'm also not clear about what you mean that the leaves are turning brown.  Both photos look the same.)

Right now, it really is too early to be worrying about your plant.  They are just coming out of dormancy, and the extreme changes that occur in early spring can damage new growth.  This is completely inconsequential to the overall health of the plant.  If, however, in a month down the road you see that the new growth turns completely brown and never unfurls into their characteristic filiformis leaves, then definitely contact us.  For now, based on your description and photos, I can't see anything wrong.

Good growing!
Jacob Farin

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I finally found a better picture of my drosera. I sprayed it earlier, so that is why it has small, white spots on the leaf. It has grown a little.

Hi Jarred,

Thanks for sending the extra picture.

This is pretty much what hardy sundews look like as they come out of dormancy.  The small scale leaves will quickly start to die away as the hibernacula opens up, and new thread leaves will quickly start to grow.  Unless you are seeing big mold patches, and it doesn't look like you are, you just have to give the plant time to grow.  Once the nights start staying a little warmer you'll really see them take off.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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