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i have a nepenthes plant that is in my house for 6 months. i moved it from my room to the balcony last 3 months because it ddnt seem happy with the place. iy have 5 hours of window sunlight. but still pitchers never grow. and once when i put it outside for one day the leaves burned so i thought better to keep it inside. do you have any different advices for me please?

thank u very much.


You don't mention what species of Nepenthes your plant is, but most Nepenthes do best in dappled sunlight, such as what you'd find under a shade tree.  Light coming through a window works well too, as does artificial lights.  As you've already experienced, if placed in full sun, the leaves will burn.

In a windowsill with 5 hours of direct sunlight, the plant should have been happy.  Perhaps the sunlight was not directly hitting the leaves?

In any case, you could try moving the plant outside under a shade tree or shade cloth.  Many Nepenthes growers use hanging baskets and hang them in a tree.

Good growing to you!

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