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my nepenthes
my nepenthes  
QUESTION: i have a nepenthes plant since last year. when i got it it had huge pitchers and looked well. i attached 2 images of how it looked like so you can identify my nepenthes. anyways those pitchers died after a month and till today it didnt produce any pitcher. i put it in a window where it gains sun from 12am till 6pm and make sure it have water and everyday i spray it with disteled water. it still ddnt produce pitchers. i got for it a greenhouse and i kept it in the greenhouse outside and then the plant burned from the sun. i read your article on your website and i followed instructions and used weak 20.20.20 fertilizer to spray it. still no results. any help please 😁

thank you 😊

ANSWER: Hi Yousef,

Two things come to mind.  First, don't mist the plant.  Instead see if you can set up a pebble tray underneath it.  This will increase the local ambient humidty without causing the humidity "see-saw" that misting does.  Over the years I've responded to lots of posts about Nepenthes not pitchering when conditions seemed good.  Misting was often the common theme.  What misting does is create ups and downs in the humidity level, and the plant is constantly trying to readjust to the conditions.  Nepenthes like things nice and boring.  You want the conditions unchanging.

What are your current temperatures like in your home?  Also, how much direct sun does the plant get?  You mentioned 12:00 to 6:00pm, but is that ambient light, or direct sun from the window?  Also, if you could send me a photo of what the plant currently looks like that would really help.  Aside from not producing pitchers, is the plant growing well?

The plant you have is called "deRooses Alata".  It's a Nepenthes hybrid of N. alata x (N. alata x N. ventricosa).  It's one of the best first time plants for growing Nepenthes.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
Sarracenia Northwest

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QUESTION: im using direct sunlight from the window. if you see burns on it its not from this window its from the last time i put it in greenhouse. thise leaves produce small stems with ungrowing pitcher on the tip. my plant does grow healthy leaves rapidly and very good looking ones, also it grows smaller plants from under the soil. but something i realise is that each newer leaf have a longer pitcher stem than the last one and it keeps getting taller till its stops at one point then the pitcher dries off after a month

Leilani Hapu\'u Nepenthes Nursery
Leilani Hapu'u Nepenth  
Hi Yousef,

Thank-you for sending the photo.  That really helps.

I know this is going to sound very counter-intuitive, but it looks like your plant needs more light.  I used to have this species several years ago, and I had a very large specimen in a big, North Facing dining room window.  It got lots of bright ambient light with just a hour of so of direct sun in the summer.  It looked exactly like yours.  Lots of bright green leaves with little or no pitcher development.  When the plant was moved to a South window when I moved, within 3 weeks full pitchers were developing.  In that window it was getting about 5 hours of direct sun.

Nepenthes "deRooses Alata" should be very slightly yellow in appearance if it's getting adequate light.  In your window it should be very close to the window with curtains pulled back so it's getting sun shining on the plant.  If it's back away some, or there's any diffusing from blinds, it's not enough sun.

Let me address the leaf burn some.  I've found over the years that many people have an almost "knee-jerk" reaction to seeing a little leaf burn, even if that burn is from a plant having been in low light, and is a natural reaction to moving to full sun, where that plant should be.  The way to deal with this just let it happen, and cut off any leaves that burn.  When new ones grow, they will look normal, and have the natural protection to the UV light, and possibly higher temperatures.  If you don't see pitchers in the next month after maximizing light in the house, you might consider the greenhouse again.  Be sure there is shade cloth over the section where the Nepenthes are at, and you should have temperatures no higher than 90-95F during the day.  80's F would be better.

This is a problem that happens all the time with people that buy a Venus Flytrap in a store that has been in poor conditions, then they move it outside to full sun.  The leaves burn, then the reaction is, "Oh no!" get it out of the sun.  However, the real solution is to cut off all the leaves, let it grow new ones, and those will be healthy and normal.

I've included a photo from a grower friend of ours in Hawaii to give you an idea of his light levels for Nepenthes.

Let me know how your results are.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
Sarracenia Northwest

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