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Because my winters are way too cold here in Canada I'm assuming I should wrap them & put them in the fridge at the end of the season,  what if they have stolons,  should I cut them off before I put them too sleep ? How do you suggest I should do it ? & if I do dig them up to put them in the fridge should I use the same soil / pot as the previous year that they were in after dormancy ? & how long you figure I should keep them in the fridge ? & will sulphur for fungicide be good enough to spray just before they go into the fridge ?

Thank you friend;)
         Michael G. Carter,

How cold is it where you live?  I live in southern Oregon where Darlingtonia grow natively and winter temperatures can reach into the single digits.

If you live in coastal Canada, such as Vancouver, BC, you might be able to leave the plant outdoors year round.  If you live in central Canada, you'll definitely need to protect the Darlingtonia from the freezing cold winters.  And if you need to do that, a winter dormancy in the fridge should work OK.  You can leave the stolons on and repot them in the same soil as the previous year.  That shouldn't be an issue.

For the rest of the details, be sure to read this article:

The details of how to store flytraps, in terms of fungicide and storage, should be the same for Darlingtonia.

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