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Hi,  I am currently growing (and I ordered a few more) some Drosera that I am growing under a single 24W T5 HO bulb.  I have Drosera spatulata,
Drosera multifida extrema in their original 3" pots.  I used to have Drosera scorpiodes, but it died.  I have not repotted these two yet but am going to and I just purchased Drosera capensis, Red Leaf, Drosera graomogolensis, and Drosera madagascarensis 1 each.  I currently have the light on for about 12hrs/day and approximately 6" from the tops.
My question is this;  Is my single T5 bulb sufficient for my existing plants and for the new arrivals?  The spatulata and multifida seem to be doing fine.


Hi Alex,

If the fixture has a good reflector it could work for a small number of plants.  A two-tube unit is going to be much better since you'll get much wider light distribution.  I would say that with the number of plants you're going to have it's going to be a stretch to get them the light they need unless you mount the light in a windowsill so you are getting natural light combined with the T5 tube.  Also, the appearance of your current plants is going to be the best indicator of whether or not it's adequate.  

Long-term the single tube unit will not be adequate for the D. multifida simply because of how big that plant gets.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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