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Carnivorous Plants/Sundews for Texas?


Hi! I order some Drosera Spathulata 'Fraser Island' for my outdoor Sarracenia bog, because I read they like high day temps and direct sunlight. Was this a good move? Our area in winter rarely experiences freezes (maybe once or twice) but always is hot (from 84-95 degrees on typical summer days). If this was a poor decision I can still cancel, but wanted some professional advice before I did!

Drosera spathulata should do fine in temperatures up to and just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit as long as the soil they're planted in stays damp.  We've successfully grown them here in southern Oregon where summertime highs can be over 100 and they did well.  If possible, on very hot days, protect them from the heat of the midday sun with a shade cloth or by putting the bog in a place where it will get dappled sunlight during the hottest parts of the day, such as under a shade tree.

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