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Jacob or Jeff,  A lot of my different Sundews have finished blooming and the seeds are turning brown or black in color.  Some others are still making new blooms on flower stocks that seem to have dried blooms that seem to be seeds like on the other flower stocks. When do I cut the seed stock from the plant.  Also when is the best time to plant new seeds... do they need to be dried before planting.  Thank you for any information... these are my first plants that have produced any seeds, as you can tell........ I am new to these plants and really enjoy them and your service and help very much.  Ramon

Hi Ramon,

You didn't say what species you have, but the procedures are similar.  Seed pods are ready to harvest when they are dry and black/brown.  If you look carefully, you'll see that the tops crack open slightly.  Cut the stalk below the seed pods, then take a full size white piece of paper, and tap the stalk on the paper.  You should see seeds falling out.

If the plant is a tropical sundew like D. capensis, you can just sprinkle the seeds on the surface of some wet cp media, and they will germinate in about 3 weeks.

If the seeds are from a North American sundew like D. filiformis or D. intermedia, sometime this fall sow them on the surface of regular cp media and leave the pots outdoors for the winter.  They'll germinate in the spring.  Here's more detailed directions:  and

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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