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Big boy
Big boy  

My cephalotus growing in air conditioner all day every day, temprestures can go to 72-80f at day and Night goes to 62 f when I turn on the humidifer repti fogger. 16 hours a day with T5HO .

Im writting because My big boy can take month to show new pitcher I dont know why is the only one of all my cephalotus growing in the same condition to take too long.  Al my others are growing nice.

Recently I was watching and I saw a crown dry like death  but seems to have more new soot growing. There are three spot of the same root system with three or two pitcher but thats all, no more grow, she just stop to show new pitcher. Why is that ?  Why crown die and dry and then show up new spot of growing?  What is wrong ?

Plant are using destilled water everything seems to be cool.  Maybe the air conditioner is to cool ? Maybe they need hot days and nice chill cool nights ?

Help .
Should I cutt them and repot them ?
Should I use a big pott ?


The plant looks quite healthy and I don't see anything wrong with it.  Cephalotus do go through growth spurts and perhaps yours is just slowing down a bit.  It is the time of year that most plants slow in growth, so that would not be abnormal.

Your temperature range sounds fine and I don't see anything wrong with your grow setup, so all I can offer is to have a bit of patience and watch for any decline in the health of the plant and then to respond appropriately if any is notice.

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