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Carnivorous Plants/Nepenthes "lid" shrivelling up


Hi guys, from Canada again.
I have two species of Nepenthes and their both doing quite well. I have 3 pitchers on said plant and the largest pitcher's lid just shriveled  up in a matter of 3 days. The pitcher itself still looks great! Secretions are still present and coloration has not changed.
These are are young plants, that I obtained last August but at that time had no pitchers at all,.they were rescued from our local hardware store.
I believe they could be of Sanguinia family.

Could water be the problem? I use distilled.
Lighting? Maybe two weeks ago changed from halogen light to fluorescent bulb.
Hope you can shed some light, no pun intended.



Hi Jim,

Anytime Nepenthes experience some kind of a change they tend to drop pitchers.  This can include transplanting, being moved around, being misted frequently, or switching the kind of lighting they have.  It's also very normal for Nepenthes to drop pitchers in winter from low light and cool temperatures.  If your plants are Nepenthes sanguinea, they often drop pitchers in winter. Unless you're doing something radically different with your watering it's unlikely that is why they lost pitchers.

Once day length begins to significantly increase in March, and we see a little more sun, you should see pitcher production commence again.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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