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How can I tell if my seeds are still on the right track or if they just won't germinate? How can I stimulate germination if it isn't too late?

According to the seller, the seed was harvested in November 2015 and I received/planted it on March 3rd. I've noticed that some of the seeds appear to be slightly darker with a slightly swollen dark center and some look like they did when I received them, jus wetter.

I've germinated nepenthe so seed before and am using roughly the same soil mix as before (more or less equal parts peat and perlite) with the addition of a little sphagnum moss, distilled water, and in a sealed container to keep the humidity up. I mist at least every other day and the container drains so they aren't sitting in water.

My main concerns are that I had to move my growing table away from the only window that gets the good sun and it has been relatively cold lately.

Thank you,

Hi Mike,

Sorry for taking so long.  This is been a very busy week.

Everything you're doing to germinate the seed sounds fine, but Nepenthes seed are notorious for having a short viability time.  You might be right on the edge of that viability.  I would say give them a full month.  By the middle of April if you've seen no germinations it might be no good.

Something that Nepenthes seed really enjoy, especially and ultra-lowlander like bicalcurata, is bottom heat.  If you can put your tray on a seed heat mat that could really help.  A soil temperature of around 75-80 F would really help.

Let us know how it goes.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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