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I just spent a very frustrating afternoon trying to find out one simple thing--what is the best time of year to transplant my Nepenthes into a larger container? There are a million posts about soil content but I couldn't find any on the best time of year to repot! I am in southwest Oregon, and (happily) my nepenthes ar beginning to grow a lot of pitchers-- there is one plant that is in a tiny pot but it is growing many pitchers and I don't want to hurt it by repotting at the wrong time of the year.

Hi Maire,

The biggest reason you haven't found much on the best time of year to transplant Nepenthes, is that there isn't a solid best time.  Nepenthes are true tropicals, so there's no dormancy period like there is for temperate species like Sarracenia and flytraps.  It also depends some on how you are growing your plants.  For a grower using lights, it makes no difference whatsoever when you transplant.  Conditions are always the same.  If you're using a windowsill to grow, there's a slight advantage to transplanting in the spring.

Since you're in the Pacific Northwest, right now is a good time to do your transplant.  My reasoning on that is that the days are getting longer, and the light is getting stronger if you're growing on a windowsill.  This gives the plant more energy for photosynthesis, and can repair itself faster from the damage they get from transplanting.  Also, if your plants are starting to produce pitchers, they will drop them after a transplant until the plant repairs it's root system, and that will happen faster now than if you do it in the winter.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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