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Nepenthes 2
Nepenthes 2  
I would like to know if it is bad conditions for the plant that the pitchers are in contact with the pot.
I ask because I just bought this plant for 3 weeks ago and the pitchers are starting to wilt.
(the reason could also be lesser sunlight,  maybe lesser heat, lesser quality of water (I use boiled water))
Kind regards Christoffer Skyh°j

Hi Christoffer,

The pitchers coming in contact with the pot is of no concern whatsoever.  It has no effect on the pitchers.  The overall growing conditions are what play a key role.  Also, since you just got your plant, Nepenthes are often sensitive to changes in environmental conditions, so it having a few pitchers dry up is very normal.  

Make sure you are keeping the soil moist, but not waterlogged, and that the plant is getting direct sun for part of the day in the window in which it sits.  If the tag that came with the plant said anything to the nature of, "No direct sun", ignore that.  Through a window you want some direct sun or the plant won't have enough energy to make pitchers.

On your water, boiling water does nothing to the water except kill bacteria.  It's an old urban legend that boiling removes minerals; it doesn't.  Water your plant with rainwater, distilled water or water purified by reverse osmosis.  Occasional use of tap water will not hurt the plant.  Nepenthes are among the least sensitive of carnivorous plants to hard water.  What you need is water that has a total dissolved solids count of 50 parts per million or less. (mg/l)

Here's more information on growing Nepenthes:

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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