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The cephalotus is not growing .  It has black spot, look yellow and pither start growing they just stop and die.  What is happening ?
I potted 3 months ago .  Temperature 85f at noght goes to 70f t5 light and hi humidit

Cephalotus are slow growing anyway, so it's not uncommon for them to stall for a few months.  The spots are concerning, and might indicate some sort of rust or other pest problem.  But the new growth (the green leaves) look very good actually.  I'd suggest just keeping the conditions as is and waiting for the plant to turn around.  Cephalotus are known for sulking for a long time after a repot, so since this one was only repotted 3 months ago, it could still be rebuilding its root system right now and will start putting out growth above ground soon.

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