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Carnivorous Plants/systemic fingicides for sarracenia


Hi there, I have a fierce battle with fungal infections in my sarracenia collection. Initially I was reluctant to use pesticides/fungicides but since I have recently had major issues i have seen some results by using Clearys (thiomil. I would like to know about other systemic fungicides that i could safely use in sarracenia. My goal is to alternate their application to prevent the development of resistance. What about Eagle 20EW (generic myclobutanil)? do you have any other suggestion?
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Hello Rayner,

I typically do not experience fungus in my Sarracenias. I have used Neem oil previously to some effect, but I do not have experience with a wide range of fungicides in general. This question would be better suited for Sarracenia Northwest.

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Christopher Littrell


I am capable of answering questions about the most common carnivorous plants found in cultivation. I have no personal experience with Byblis, Drosophyllum, Aldrovanda, and Heliamphora. I have not cultivated gemmae forming pygmy sundews nor tuberous sundews. For information regarding those aforementioned species, I would suggest contacting other experts. I can answer questions regarding most species of Nepenthes, tropical and temperate Drosera, Mexican Pinguicula, Sarracenias, and Dionaea. I have some limited experience with growing Utricularia, Cephalotus, and Darlingtonia.


I have grown carnivorous plants off and on for about 27 years. I have made the same mistakes and suffered the same mishaps that many growers make as they attempt to separate the myths from the realities of growing these plants. Currently, I am successfully growing a variety of tropical sundews, a Nepenthes, several Venus Flytraps of varying ages, and Sarracenias. I have been successful in stratifying Sarracenia seeds and providing artificial dormancy requirements for my temperate plants when needed.

I hold a Master's degree in Educational Psychology. Over my lifetime, I have constantly read books involving the growing conditions of carnivorous plants. I hope to incorporate the educational aspects involved in psychology with teaching other people how to cultivate carnivorous plants.

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