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hope you and Jacob are doing great and plants are growing fine!

I have a few questions to you, I canīt answer myself why it is.

Photo 1.) My Sarracenia seems to produce very long and thin traps currently, is it normal? Never had this before...

Photo 2.)Sarracenia alabamensis is still having traps laying horizontally, despite the south side and enough sun I would say.

Thanks Jeff for your comments on this, I highly appreciate it!


This seems to be the summer of the floppy pitcher for you. Nothing I see in the photos indicates anything particularly unusual.  S. leucophylla will often produce those kind of pitchers in the early summer, or if the plant has been recently divided.  Years in the past when I would purchase bare-root rhizomes leucos would not produce nice pitchers again until the second season after they had fully recovered and were well established.  S. alabamensis will often get floppy with the early season pitchers as the late season pitchers begin to develop.  The late season pitchers should be more erect, and quite yellow.

Here's what I'm wondering, however.  Has your summer been unusually cloudy, rainy, cool, or a combination of those things?  Some species don't produce as well when the weather isn't hot.  These two are prime examples.  We've had many years where S. leucophylla never produces much in the way of the really nice late season pitchers if temperatures in the Fall plummet too fast, or if the whole summer has been cool.  This year is appearing as if it could be like that for us.  Our Alabamensis look good, but leucos still have thin pitchers.  Also, are your plants next to your house, or are they right out in the open?  Let me know.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
Sarracenia Northwest

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


thanks for your reply. Actually I did repot all my plants in early February, 4 weeks before growing started after hibernation... As you say, it seems that some specias need one season to recover :-(

Actually this spring/summer is really mixed up! We have sometimes a full week with nice sun and 25-28C°, around 14-17C° at night, and sometimes, like last week, we have 7-10C° less during the day and it is rainy all day long... Might be the reason!

The plants are on the balcony, on the south side, they get 7-8 hours of full bright sun before standing in a more shady position, but usually they get the sunrise till 4 pm, so the strongest sun of the day is included.

I will see next yearīs season how they grow, hopefully a bit better for the 2-3 species which are a bit floppy as you saw...

Thanks again and regards to Jacob!


Hi JP,

I bet it is the weather then.  We get our prettiest plants during hot summers like last year.  I remember in 2009 we had what many folks here in the Northwest call a "Green Tomato Summer", and Sarracenia were not as spectacular in the late season.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
Sarracenia Northwest

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