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I'm working on two cartoons at the moment. One of them is a one-off comic ala "The Far Side".

My question is: how can I practice my characters' profiles? I have trouble drawing side views. Any tips?

Also...I'm struggling with Pixlr Editor. Right now I'm not sure how to use layers, and I don't know how to "shade" colors (like the sunset sky going from light orange to dark orange or purple).

Right now, my routine is: sketch, draw, ink, erase, scan, then use Pixlr for coloring...but I'm using single colors for coloring the strips. I feel it can look better. Can you help me understand how to color my strips more professionally?

Thanks much,

ANSWER: Hey Josh,

Drawing profiles and side views can be hard. You definitely want the characters to look as good that way as all the other ways that you have drawn them. The best way that I know of to draw profiles and side views is to first draw your characters faces facing front and study how you drew them to get a feel for the features that you gave them. Then start drawing them with their faces turning a little to the side and see how you draw the features that way. Once you feel comfortable with the way that you have drawn them practice making their profiles by trying to stay as close to the other drawings as you can. Keep practicing and it will get easier. It will also help immensely if you buy some books on cartooning. They have a lot of good advice and tutorials in them. If you have a Facebook account, you can get some helpful tips on one of the pages created on there. Here's the link:

I haven't really used Pixlr Editor much. Whenever I am adding color or anything I like to use Photoshop. To me, it's a lot easier to understand and work with. The only advice I can give about learning more about Pixlr Editor is after you have opened the program, click the Help link and look up any questions that others may have asked and the advice they have given. This is located under FAQs (frequently asked questions). Good luck and if you need any more advice or have any questions please drop me a line. I'm working on 3 one-panel comic strips right now  as well. Take care and I hope I was able to help.


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QUESTION: Thanks Chuck, I'm definitely going to practice those little turns like you advised. I'm sure that'll help. Little by little, right?  ;)

Do you post your work online? I enjoy modern comics, and I'd sure like to check yours out.


Monster Mayhem
Monster Mayhem  
ANSWER: Hey Josh,

I'm glad I was able to help. Yes, practicing turning the head of your character is a big help because it helps you to study the features (shape of the eye, nose, mouth) and when you get to a side view you already have it all in your head and profiles will be much easier.

I don't have anything online yet, but I am working on 3 comic strips and I am planning on getting them published online soon. I'm also going to submit some to cartoon syndicates to see if they would be willing to help me with that, but one way or another they will be published soon. I've attached a sample of one comic strip I have created and I'm working on. I hope you like it. Keep me posted on how your work comes along and once you have yours up and running as well. Make sure you get your work copyrighted so it belongs to you and no one can steal it. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your work online someday.

Take care,

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Hell And Gone #2
Hell And Gone #2  

Hey, I like that!  It's pretty sweet!

Yep, still working on profiles. But it's coming along little by little, and each day brings a tiny victory  ;)

Let me know when it's published and I'll come be a fan. My first strip is called Snark Park, but I'm taking a hiatus from's just too offensive and R-rated for public consumption, lol.

But my other, Hell And Gone, is more toned down and it's striking some immediate success. Here's #2 of the 10 strips I've drawn so far (note my nom de plume, Rob Schark).

Keep in touch, and good luck with your strip!! I always like supporting the work of my contemporaries. If you have any further tips, I'd sure love to hear 'em.


Hey Josh,

Thanks, I'm glad you like my work. I'll keep you posted on how my cartoons are coming and you keep me up on your work as well. Best of luck to you and I wish you all the success there is. I like the cartoon of the snakes. That's a good joke. Good stuff, man. lol

Take care,


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