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Hello there,

I've been drawing cartoons for a while now and I think they're of a high enough standard for me to be making some money out of them. I mostly do one off gags but I have a series of single panel cartoons with the same two characters and I've thought about either sending these to a syndicate or a book publisher.
Do you have any tips on the best way to start making some money?

Hi John,
You might want to consider shopping them around to syndicates to see if they would be interested in your work. First, get 4-6 weeks of comic strips (24-36)and 2 color Sunday comics then make copies of them to send to the companies. Never send originals!

If they like your work, they will buy the rights to your cartoon and draw up a contract with you and begin a partnership between you and them. The plus side is that someone else has to go through any red tape or hassles that occur and you can simply draw your cartoons and get paid. The down side is you will be splitting the residuals with another person so you won't get 100% of the money. Still, a syndicate publishing your work could very well be a good way to begin and they do most of the work in getting it into circulation.

I hope I was able to help and I wish you all the luck with your work. Keep up the good work and you will reap the rewards.



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